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PoddoX: The easy way to copy your music to your iPod

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New PoddoX Version alpha.xi

2007-12-16 20:45:33

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PoddoX, the iTunes alternative

The software PoddoX is a fast and user friendly alternative to iTunes, Apple’s iPod software. With PoddoX you can easily copy your music, pictures and videos to your iPod. Poddox also helps you to organize the existing files on the iPod: delete them, copy them back to your computer or to any other storage medium. To this end, Poddox lists the content of your iPod clearly structured in a tree control. You can even copy files or hole folders from the Windows explorer to your iPod. This option is missing in iTunes. Other than iTunes or alternative software for iPod, PoddoX doesn't create or copy files to folders as long as you didn’t choose to do so.


PoddoX doesn't work on the base of libraries like iTunes, but is operating on files and folder structures, thus interacting much faster with an iPod than iTunes. PoddoX is able to read, generate and extend iTunes databases that are updated or created according to the actual iTunes Version 7.3. and will be updated continuously.

Repair Tool

In case of a damaged iTunes database on your iPod, PoddoX is able to repair the database. Alternatively PoddoX offers the opportunity to search your iPod for files and restore them at any place with its full names. Folder- and filenames are fully adjustable within the restore routine.


Poddox reads and writes any kind of MP3 data (MPEG-1/2/2.5 - Layer 1/2/3) from and to your iPod. It calculates the exact duration, bit- and samplerate and reads other useful information of the single tracks. Metadata is read from ID3v1-Tags and ID3v2-Tags. In addition MPEG-4 audio data in M4A and M4B containers are supported. All relevant metadata (titel, artist, album ...) is read from the common Apple-Tag, used by iTunes and other encoders.

Photo, video, artwork and more...

Poddox’s development is at an early stage and by far not all aims are reached. The support of images, videos, artwork and other features is not completed yet. But PoddoX is growing fast: new versions with further tools will be released regularly. PoddoX becomes a real alternative to Apple’s iTunes.


PoddoX doesn’t need an installation. It consists of a single executable file that can be copied to your computer or your iPod. So no matter where you are and to which computer you are connected to, your software is always with you.

PoddoX, the iTunes Alternative


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